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Dear Feed Spokane,
Housing up to 8 families at a time, Hearth Homes works diligently to provide safe, communal housing that encourages growth and healing. One of the richest and most rewarding program pieces at Hearth Homes is family dinnertime. Every day, all families sit down at dinner together and fellowship. This is a time of warmth, connection, and lightheartedness and without the food donations of Feed Spokane, we would not be able to consistently provide a warm meal for families.

Feed Spokane has helped provide the majority of Hearth Homes’ dinners 5 days a week for over 8 months and continues to ensure young mothers have food to prepare and give their families every day. Thanks to Feed Spokane and their partners, young mothers are establishing a tradition of connecting with their families around the dinner table, learning how to properly prepare food, and have nutritious sustenance to energize them as they work hard at their forward movement in life.

Thank you for your support of homeless women and children in Spokane Valley and throughout our communities!

Angela Lorenzi, MSW
Executive Director
Hearth Homes

Off Broadway Family Outreach is a member of a coalition that receives rescued food from Feed Spokane. Feed Spokane is a non-profit food rescue agency that brings together meal providers (the coalition) and community partners in the greater Spokane area. As a result of Feed Spokane’s efforts to rescue food and cut down waste, Off Broadway Family Outreach is able to feed anywhere from sixty to a couple of hundred people dinner every Monday night at The Porch (W. 1804 Broadway).

In addition to providing us with food, they play a key role in keeping the coalition members united in their quest to help those in need in our community. One of the ways they do this is provide us with network meetings to stay in contact with Feed Spokane and the other coalition members. Additionally, they also maintain that connection via the internet.

I see Feed Spokane as a hub of a wheel and the coalition members as the spokes of that wheel. The wheel is moving throughout our community to reach those in need. I feel very blessed to be part of that wheel both as a coalition member through OBFO and as a board member of Feed Spokane.

Come join us some Monday night at The Porch for dinner. People start coming around 4:30 and we try to serve dinner close to 6 o’clock.

If you feel prompted to get involved in some way with Feed Spokane, OBFO or any of the other coalition members, I don’t believe you will be disappointed in your decision. It is a blessing and you will have the opportunity to become part of this wonderful wheel that is helping so many.

Jamie Frisby
Off Broadway Family Outreach
Feed Spokane

I retired seven years ago and moved to Spokane. As an active church member with The Salvation Army, I volunteer to help with numerous projects; one being our free meal to families that live in our transitional housing and our homeless shelter; as well as low income people in our neighborhood.

The local non-profit agencies do a great job of working together to help people in need. When The Salvation Army learned about Feed Spokane, we recognized a great opportunity to work closely with other agencies to serve more people.

At the present time, I pick up food donations from three different restaurants and a produce warehouse. The donated food is then taken to Meals on Wheels, our partner agency for cold storage. All of the Feed Spokane non-profits then share in signing out product for the meals they serve. I take food back to The Salvation Army for use in our Thursday night meal. I also take food to place in our freezer to save for Acenda, a Feed Spokane partner agency. One of their volunteers stops by our church every Thursday evening and picks up the food for use at their feeding location.

The Salvation Army also works closely with the House of Charity. I take the large quantities of food to them because they serve a large group of homeless people. They in turn, share perishable food with us to be used quickly to avoid spoilage.

All of this distribution and serving of food is done by volunteers.

Tom Petersen
Salvation Army