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Is This Safe?

Yes! The Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) has supported this program from its inception. Spokane County’s former chief health officer, Dr. Kim Marie Thorburn, is quoted on our literature as saying, “We are an enthusiastic partner in this important program that is creating a healthier community by reducing hunger and waste.” We are committed to assuring that donated food is safe and practical for everyone.” Our goal is to not only feed the hungry, but to feed them good, nutritious and safe food. For more information, contact Ray Byrne, SRHD’s Food Program Technical Advisor at (509) 324-1560, ext. 2.

Aren’t I Opening Myself up to a Lawsuit?

No. The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act protects states that donors“shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability arising from the nature, age, packaging, or condition of apparently wholesome food or an apparently fit grocery product that the person or gleaner donates in good faith to a nonprofit organization for ultimate distribution to needy individuals.” This bi-partisan legislation:

• Protects donors from liability when donating to a non-profit organization;
• Protects donors from civil and criminal liability should the product donated in good faith later cause harm to the needy recipient;
• Standardizes donor liability exposure. Donors and their legal counsel no longer have to investigate liability laws in 50 states;
• Sets a liability floor of “gross negligence” or intentional misconduct for persons who donate products;
• Congress recognized that the provision of food close to recommended date of sale is, in and of itself, not grounds for finding gross negligence. For example, cereal can be donated if it is marked close to code date for retail sale.

My Kitchen Staff Is Already Overworked. Isn’t this Going to Mean Even More Work for Them?

No. Instead of throwing edible food in the garbage, your kitchen staff simply puts it in corner of your cooler, in equipment that we provide. Then our driver comes and picks up the food at your convenience. You can schedule a regular pick-up or simply call when you have something to donate. You only deal with one person; your food is then distributed to every free meal site in Spokane. Your kitchen staff already knows how to properly handle foods, so there is no extra training. We have also found that donating good food to the hungry improves staff morale and makes them proud of their job at your company.

I Already Give Food to a Non-profit Organization. Why Should I Give to You?

You shouldn’t. If you are already giving away all your edible food to the hungry, don’t change. Our goal is to work with all the food organizations in town to increase the overall amount of food available to the hungry in our community.

Are Other Restaurants and Caterers Doing This? What Do They Say ?

Send us your preferred contact information, and we’ll have them call you and tell you how easy it is! The Washington Restaurant Association – Spokane Chapter is our biggest partner. Adrian Carcas, President of the WRA – Spokane Chapter, and General Manager of The Old Spaghetti Factory, was our first donor!

Where Can I Learn More About Restaurant Food Donations?

The National Restaurant Association has published a 50-page pamphlet entitled “Food Donation – A Restaurateur’s Guide” which you can download here:
Download Restaurateur’s Guide