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Join the effort to feed the hungry in our community by participating in “Dine Out to Feed Spokane” – a benefit to raise money and bring awareness to Feed Spokane, a food rescue agency and a coalition of meal providers that serve over 65,000 free meals each month to those in need.

A percentage of your meal cost at participating restaurants will be donated to Feed Spokane to help fight hunger in our area. 

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Participant benefits:

All participating restaurants will reap the following benefits:

  • Free advertising through a variety of media outlets including T.V., radio, Internet, and print.
    • Local media outlets have been happy to help spread the word about “Dine Out”, and will be contacted again this year. Promotion of the event has been successful through: KXLY Channel 4, KXLY radio, KREM 2, the Spokesman Review, the Inlander, the Pinch, Sacred Heart Medical Center, KZZU 92.9 radio station, Clearwater Radio, Facebook, and the GSDA and Feed Spokane websites.
  • Free high quality poster and table tents to post at your restaurant prior to the event. We will distribute posters and table tents once participation agreement is received.
  • Recognition as a restaurant committed to hunger prevention and continued support of our Spokane area. 75% of Millennials prefer to do business with companies that support causes in their communities.
  • Increased patrons throughout the month of March and/or on the day you select to participate.
  • Increased guest check or up selling – patrons may be more willing to purchase appetizers or dessert when they know a percent is going to Feed Spokane to prevent hunger.
  • Recipe Analysis by a registered dietitian. We will analyze up to three recipes from your menu and provide you with a nutrition content print out.

Please Submit by February 10, 2017 in order to be included in all media releases.

Dine Out Participation Agreement

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  • Please describe whether participation is for duration of the month, specific dates, menu items and/or percentage of sales, etc. Please be as specific as possible.
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  • Cash donation for cards with logos, which can be displayed in your business with the donors autograph. How many 3” square supporter cards you would like to start? You can call to order more at any time.
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